How Accurate Is Your COVID-19 Testing?

Introducing Pro-QCP – the new web app that helps ensure your diagnostic testing is accurate and compliant with Federal regulations.

Reduce Diagnostic Errors

  • Guides you through a comprehensive risk assessment
  • Identifies sources of error in your unique test process and environment
  • Suggests proven mitigation measures and best practices
  • Monitors performance to drive continuous quality improvement

Validate New COVID Tests

  • Educates and informs as it guides you through the risk assessment
  • Accelerates the learning curve and gets you up to speed quickly 
  • Establishes an effective Individual Quality Control Plan (IQCP) from the start
  • Assures your lab is inspection ready

Inter-lab Comparisons

  • Provides performance benchmarks and valuable    inter-lab comparisons
  • Elevates and suggests best practices
  • Offers real-world comparisons of diagnostic platforms  
  • Gives a unique overview of the diagnostics market

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COVID testing is the perfect storm for causing diagnostic errors. Pro-QCP is  the solution.

Hundreds of minimally validated COVID-19 tests are flooding the market in response to the global corona virus pandemic.

Thousands of labs are performing COVID tests for the very first time.

Yet the requirement for accuracy of these tests is great — not only to ensure positive patient outcomes, but because inaccurate results pose  a risk of death to the patient, the patient’s family and society at large.


Covers all major diagnostic platforms

CarePoint is expediting the release of Pro-QCP risk assessment modules for over 300 diagnostic platforms, including all major COVID tests.

Designed by industry experts

After a multi-year development effort CarePoint is preparing to launch Pro-QCP, our web-app that guides clinicians through a comprehensive risk assessment for their point-of-care tests. 

Works on any computer or tablet

If your computer, tablet or phone is connected to the Internet you have everything you need and can use Pro-QCP without installing any software.

Improving diagnostic testing since 2012

CarePoint Solutions designs, develops and commercializes products that improve the accuracy and reliability of diagnostic testing.

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Pro-QCP supports all major diagnostic platforms, including…

“Diagnostic errors could easily be the biggest patient safety and medical malpractice problem in the United States.”

– Johns Hopkins

“Seeing CarePoint’s detailed fishbone diagram for the GEM 4000 was my ‘ah-ha’ moment. It enabled me to understand the scope of the IQCP task for the first time.”

“Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US.”

– The BMJ

“Pro-QCP gives the inspector proof that I thought this through in a consistent manner.”

“Better identification, analysis, and implementation of approaches to improve diagnosis and reduce diagnostic error are needed throughout all settings of care.”

– National Academies of Sciences

“Quality management is the most important subject in laboratory medicine, and one that gets overlooked for its overall impact on laboratory processes.”

– Jean Ball, MBA, MT (HHS), MLT (ASCP)  
Inspection Team Lead – College of American Pathologists

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pro-QCP V2

Pro-QCP V2 is the new version of CarePoint Solutions’ online, web-based software program that facilitates the creation of Individualized Quality Control Plans (IQCP’s) consistent with EP-23 guidelines. This specialized program was designed to simplify and streamline the challenging and time consuming process of developing IQCP’s. Pro-QCP is available by annual subscription with specialized modules specific for each test device or method.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes! Sign up and get instant access. Then after your free trial period ends, you can pay with a credit card, check or purchase order.

How will it help me?

Pro-QCP provides a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Saving you hours of research and information gathering
  • Standardizing QC protocols throughout your healthcare facility
  • Reducing your institution’s costs and regulatory burden
  • Identifying mitigation measures that will improve patient outcomes
How flexible is the program?

The program is easy to navigate, keeps track of your progress and allows you to develop IQCP’s at your own pace. Modules are broken down into logical sections to facilitate a step-by-step process. One of the key advantages of using Pro-QCP is the ability to stop and resume your work at any time. You can also customize the app to meet your lab’s unique environment. 

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