How Accurate is Your Covid-19 Testing?

CarePoint Solutions introduces Pro-QCP, a web app that helps ensure the accuracy of diagnostic tests, including for Covid-19.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been called a perfect storm for diagnostic error.

  • Thousands of specimen collection stations are being deployed for the first time.

  • Thousands of labs are implementing diagnostics for the first time.

  • Millions of minimally validated diagnostic tests are flooding into the market.

  • The need for accuracy is great to reduce fatalities and prevent community spread.

Pro-QCP helps ensure the accuracy of diagnostic tests, including for Covid-19.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance
Pro-QCP provides step-by-step guidance through a comprehensive risk assessment, identifying sources of errors in your test process and generating a federally compliant, inspection ready Individualized Quality Control Program (IQCP).

Save Time
Pro-QCP saves you up to 50 hours for each IQCP that you prepare – as demonstrated by clinical benchmark studies – more than paying for itself in immediate time savings.

Save Lives
Pro-QCP compares your risk mitigation measures to best practices and implements a quality management process that reduces diagnostic error and improves clinical outcomes.

Benchmark Performance
Pro-QCP’s aggregate data allows you to compare your performance to other labs and provides post-market surveillance for diagnostic platforms – as used in real world conditions. 

Diagnostic results inform a majority of medical decisions.  As such, they are a crucial ‘cog’ in the healthcare delivery system.  Leverage the power of Pro-QCP to drive down-stream efficiencies throughout your organization and give caregivers and patients the confidence they need in your lab’s test results.

Pro-QCP benefits your patients and your entire organization

Medical Laboratory Technologist

– Guides you step-by-step through a comprehensive risk assessment

– Subscription fees can be recouped almost immediately in time savings alone

– Generates a federally compliant, inspection-ready Individualized Quality Control Plan (IQCP)

– Essential info for getting new tests up and running accurately

Regulatory Affairs Managers

– Standardizes QA protocols across all lab locations and test platforms

– Ensures each lab is federally-compliant and inspection-ready

– Satisfies accreditation requirements for new quality improvement initiatives

Hospital Administrators

– Increases federal reimbursements by improving clinical outcomes

– Lowers malpractice insurance and reduces litigation by reducing fatalities and adverse events

– Drives efficiencies and economies throughout the organization

Federal and Accreditation Inspectors

– Saves considerable time and effort when conducting laboratory inspections

– An IQCP generated from Pro-QCP represents a “certificate of completion” that a thorough and federally compliant risk assessment was performed

Pro-QCP supports all major diagnostic platforms, including…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CarePoint Solutions?

Founded in 2012, CarePoint Solutions designs, develops and commercializes products that improve the accuracy and reliability of diagnostic testing.

CarePoint’s Software Division is focused on leveraging information technology and developing new approaches to quality management that drive efficiencies, reduce errors, and improve patient outcomes. 

The company’s flagship product, Pro-QCP represents a first-of-its-kind software solution that helps ensure regulatory compliance and implements a continuous quality improvement process for in vitro diagnostic testing. 

Visit for more information.

Which diagnostic tests are supported?

CarePoint is expediting the release of Pro-QCP risk assessment modules for over 300 diagnostic platforms, including all major COVID tests.

How flexible is the program?

The program is easy to navigate, keeps track of your progress and allows you to develop IQCP's at your own pace. Modules are broken down into logical sections to facilitate a step-by-step process. 

How will it help me?
  • Pro-QCP takes you step-by-step through a comprehensive risk assessment of your entire test process, and documents that for accreditation inspections
  • Based on clinical benchmark studies, Pro-QCP will save you up to 50 hours when preparing each individualized quality control plan (IQCP) – more than paying for itself in immediate time savings alone
  • Pro-QCP standardizes your QA measures and IQCP’s across test platforms, locations, and throughout your healthcare system
  • Pro-QCP will identify sources of error in your unique test process and location
  • Pro-QCP will suggest proven practices that can mitigate risks and errors
  • Pro-QCP will assess and document your entire test process, from specimen collection through posting patient results to generate a comprehensive and inspection-ready IQCP
  • Pro-QCP’s data-driven, outcomes oriented approach will raise confidence in patient test results and drive down-stream efficiencies and economies throughout your healthcare delivery system
  • Pro-QCP delivers actionable information to support your continuous quality improvement program
Can I buy Pro-QCP modules with a credit card or purchase order?

You can subscribe to Pro-QCP with a credit card, check, or purchase order – and gain immediate access to the program.

What if I am dissatisfied with my purchase?

When we say we mitigate risks, we really mean it!  If you are not completely satisfied with Pro-QCP, cancel within 30 days and receive a full refund.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Do I need to install IQCP software or have a special computer to use Pro-QCP?

If your computer, tablet or phone is connected to the Internet you have everything you need and can use Pro-QCP without installing any software.

Still have questions? Talk to us.

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